Monday, March 14, 2011


Everything Horse and Hound is opening this Friday in Fayetteville Arkansas.  So, for all my friends in the area, all my equine art will exclusively be shown at this new wonderful store.  If your not in the area, no worries just email me and ill let Katy the store owner know that you would like to purchase a piece of equine art.  Please feel free to check out Katy's website by clicking on the link above or here.  

This piece took some hours of work! Whew, a big sigh of I'm glad i worked through this one!!!!  The image is 14 x 20, one of the biggest Ive done in watercolor so far.  Watercolor is extremely unforgiving and i thought multiple times of quiting!  If your an artist visiting my blog let me tell you watercolors will definitely make you think in background, foreground relationships! Learning how to push and pull with water is almost mind boggling.  So yet another accomplishment with watercolors, although i think the next equine piece will be in oil! Sorry all my watercolorists hopefuls out there, i need a break!!!!! 

watercolor on arches rives
14 x 20
print available

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Summer Time

While working on some equine art i had to take a break and go somewhere warm!  So i created a sunny day by the pool where the sun warms your back and the water beckons your company.  Oh how i wish i was there in this painting at the moment.  Basking in the heat of day and letting my mind go lazy.  An artist creates and lets the viewer know that there is more to the story, that there are more pages to be turned.  My hope is that I'm taking you there at this moment.  This moment in which your mind wonders off to create your own sunny day, your own summer time!

Summer Time
watercolor on cold press
9 x 12
print $20

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Well, all the snow we had in January and February has "forced" the school district to add on some Saturdays for school days.  I woke up this morning thinking.....ugh....Ive got to get up on a Saturday and get the kids ready for school!  BUT.....i have actually enjoyed my Saturday without the kids being underfoot!  I have been able to paint all morning!!!!!   So, without further udo here is a big shout out.......YEAH FOR SATURDAY SCHOOL!!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

March 2011 Featured Show

When i painted this piece two months ago i had no intention of entering it in anything.  In fact i fell in love with the painting and had hoped to place it on my walls somewhere.  But then i saw a Mardi Gras inspired exhibition in my state and decided that she must be in that show.  I sent in an image hoping she would be accepted and sure enough she will have her opening debut this Saturday in Hot Springs, AR.  The exhibition is at the Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs and will be showing the month of March.  Reception is from 5 - 9 during their monthly gallery walk.  I, unfortunately, will not be attending because of the horrid snow days that we acquired hence the kids have Saturday school!  So, if anyone is in the area or lives in Hot Springs the center is putting on a very exception show, with me included, go look for yourself!!!!!!  Happy Madri Gras everyone!