Friday, February 11, 2011

A girl and her horse

There is just something about a girl and her horse.  A bond that will forever be etched in stone.  This is Dylan and Paige.  A definite force to be reckoned with.  And a relationship that will stand the test of time.  With valentines day just around the corner one thinks of romance and love that exists between a man and a woman, a mother and child, etc.  But so often in life we forget about those relationships that we have with the four legged creations in our lives.  The love we have for beautiful creatures such as our pets, and in Paige's case.....our horse!!

Ive been experimenting with watercolors here lately and have had some ups and downs.  What Ive come to realize is that when i work with horses that the medium comes easy for me.  I started to wonder why, why is it when i paint a scene of just a person or dog that i struggle.  Ive come to a conclusion of an earlier aspect.  When i was young i would sit and draw horses allllllll dayyyyy looooong!!! This is not an exaggeration, ask my mother!  So, what Ive thought is that all those days of training my hand to coordinate with my eyes(unbeknown est to me) has come back to me, like a blast from the past! A dear friend of mine said yesterday that "Perhaps art is seeing the obvious in such a new light that the old becomes new" L'Engle.   How true this is for me at the moment!

Dylan and Paige
9 x 12
print $35

Friday, February 4, 2011


Its snowing again outside today.  My kiddos and i have been stuck in the house since Tuesday! I have been working on a watercolor painting but decided to take a break today and do something fun.  So i came up with an idea to add on to my sit and reflect series,  and what better word to choose than create.  I love, love this high backed chair.  I feel like you could hide away in there with a good book and no one would ever find you! Well, i hope all is well during this snow storm and maybe you can find a chair like this one, sit and create!

7 x 11
watercolor on arches 
print $15