Sunday, July 3, 2011

Teenage Dreams

Not quite done with this painting, but since Ive been on a hiatus i figured i would go ahead and make a post.  Ive had this thought in my head for some time now about how little girls spend their time playing with dolls and dresses and then out of no where its all about cell phones and ipods.  The average 14 year old girl is so enamored by social networking that i cant help but think.....was this the way we were when we were 14?  Sure life circled around what boy was the cutest, and what jeans we were going to wear that day, but i don't quite remember being THAT social!  The masters painted young women reading books, playing croquet, standing by the mirror, so i guess its our job to paint young women with what defines our era, but how many painting can one do of an iPhone!  

I'm not sure if i will work the painting much more.  If you notice i left the hair undone somewhat around her neck.  I am always drawn to "the mark",  that mark that is put down in a hurry and has energy.  For me it has so much more emotion and content than a certain stroke that is reworked over and over again until it is just right!   But I'm slowing learning that with watercolors you just cant work it till that point, mainly because it will become a BIG MESS!  Oh the joys of learning a new medium!!