Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here in North West Arkansas we only received a few flurries, so i have to think of the movie we watched this week, White Christmas!!!!!  It was so beautiful and enchanting i just had to share.  Kudos to all who woke up to white blankets of snow.  Why is it that the dream of a white Christmas never goes away! Even at 36 years of age i awoke to the hope of the white stuff on the ground!!!

Well, since i was a brave heart and battled the crowds yesterday i totally forgot to post the winner of the painting.  So, without further ado, from a random drawing heartland Honda is the big winner!!!!!! Jrod and Tina may email with preference to where to send the painting!!!

Winner!!!!Heartland Honda you will receive an email!!!

Since it is Christmas i am offering prints of the painting to everyone else who would like one....just email me with addresses and ill get an 8 x 10 print in the mail!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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