Monday, January 17, 2011

Silent Auction Piece

So i told a friend i would donate a painting for their silent auction.  When i found out that it was a banquet celebrating 2010s achievements for the Northwest Arkansas Hunter Jumper Association, i thought to myself; do i have a horse painting? Even though i drew horses practically every day when i was a little girl, i had drew none since i had "grown" up into an actual artist!  I thought how sad is that, i use to be really good at drawing horses, not to toot my own horn. Furthermore i love horses! There was one problem though, i had no oil paintings of horses, and three days to produce the work that i knew would not be dry in time for the banquet! So, i thought i could just do a drawing or charcoal and then i looked at the watercolors i had purchased at Christmas!  Of course i did not look at them with anticipation and joy, because i am an oil painter, not a watercolorist! My goodness i sounded like Michelangelo when he said "i am a sculptor, not a painter".  Sorry, i had a random left field thought at the moment.  As you can see above i tackled it anyway, and through some very meticulous brush strokes and thoughtful placement i achieved my goal.  Now you have to consider that this is only my second watercolor that i have done in my whole life, so please go lightly!  And for all my watercolor artist friends out there, you guys are my new hero's!

I was told that the painting went for 150 dollars, which is wonderful to me because i was also told that the signed Bobby Petrino football was last viewed at 125!

Thanks for coming by everyone and i will try to have a painting up tomorrow of my new series called sit and reflect.  Which in a tormenting way i am soulfully trying to incorporate words into my paintings!!!

Sitting Tall
8.5 x 11
prints $25

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  1. This is beautifully simplistic. Love it! I am partial to equine art though.